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Our Strategy

Our goal is to invest in great companies and increase their value using a proven management methodology that entails pursuing both internal and external growth opportunities. This includes among others product/service innovations, geographic and vertical market expansion, strategic alliances, and add-on acquisitions. Unlike most investment firms, Gordian Capital is particularly interested in investment opportunities where the current owner is interested in retiring or where there is a need to add key senior executives to advance the business. We focus on opportunities where the collective talents of our team can be applied to maximize the long-term value of the business. We actively pursue both owner-operated companies and non-core corporate divisions (being divested). A key element of our strategy is the active participation of our principals, who will collaborate with existing management and play a key role in leading the enterprise. This new management team will have the benefit of drawing on the extensive experience of Gordian Capital’s syndicate of investors, all of whom are proven business leaders.

Investment opportunities are gathered from traditional intermediaries, our extensive advisory network, and through proprietary situations. Although our investment evaluation and due diligence systems follow traditional private equity practices, we also consider a candidate’s fit with our management-centric and growth-oriented investment philosophy. Size, market position, current management, ownership positions, ongoing operating strategy and growth potential are all evaluated to determine whether we are the right partners to facilitate the acquisition candidate’s transition.

Partnering with Gordian Capital

Gordian Capital encourages inquiries directly from business owners and managers, as well as from intermediaries, attorneys, business valuators, estate planners, accountants, consultants and industry experts. We do not require a written business plan in order to discuss an opportunity. We honor finder's fees for introductions that lead to completed transactions. Our proprietary deal referral agreement, buy-side financial advisor fee agreement and confidentiality agreement are readily available for review. Proposals and inquiries should be directed to deals@gordiancapital.com. All information is held in strict confidence.

Investment Criteria

The Gordian Capital Investment Team generally looks for opportunities that satisfy a majority of the following:

Management: Senior management seeking to exit or the potential to place outstanding external management into owner-operator role; strong, experienced and motivated middle management team.

Company Profile: Owner-managed companies and/or non-core corporate divisions with strong market positions characterized by loyal customers, pricing power, and recurring revenue streams; low, ongoing capital expenditure requirements; diverse customer base with high retention rates.

Profitability: Between $5 and $50 million in annual revenue; EBITDA greater than $2 million with margins of 10% or higher; consistent profitability and recurring revenue streams.

Industry Profile: Fragmented, niche, and growing industries, including business and consumer service companies, healthcare, light manufacturing, and distribution services; well defined opportunities for growth and value creation; minimal exposure to risk from technological obsolescence, regulatory shifts, or environmental liabilities.

Geography : We primarily focus on opportunities throughout the U.S.

Gordian Capital welcomes the opportunity to provide attractive exit opportunities to the owners of enterprises that satisfy these criteria.

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