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Benefits To Sellers

Gordian Capital offers a unique value proposition to sellers by providing them with a financial liquidity event on flexible terms, while maintaining the managerial expertise needed to continue sustained company growth. Our vast network of advisors, investors and partners enables us to achieve the transition goals of a prospective seller while addressing any important legacy issues associated with closely-held private enterprises.

Working with Gordian Capital, sellers will enjoy the following benefits:

Opportunity: Gordian Capital only purchases companies at a fair market value and are not seeking distressed situations.

Proven Management: A key differentiator compared to other private investment firms is that our management team will assume a senior executive position in the acquired company. Our management team has over 15 years of combined executive level operations, leadership, investment, and consulting experience. In addition, we have access to substantial capital through our investors and banking relationships. We offer this opportunity to business owners that value a smooth transition of management.

Flexible Deal Structure: We are unique in that we provide liquidity to business owners under flexible terms. We structure our deals to accommodate seller lifestyle and tax planning needs, while taking into account the seller preferences regarding ongoing ownership positions, and/or continued employment. We are committed to working with owners to structure deals to ensure a smooth transition.

Employee Focus: We appreciate the strong employee ties that exist when a business has been in a family for generations or when a company has been nurtured by its founder. We believe that employees are a company’s most important asset and will value their knowledge and expertise. Our goal is to ensure a smooth transition and fair treatment of those who have contributed significantly to the past successes of the company.

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